The Rising Need for Women in Tech

Technology is a male-dominated industry. According to the existing stereotype, engineering is a male oriented profession. There are two main reasons for the current crisis of diversity in technology sector: women are wired to think that they can’t be good at technical jobs, and men let them think so.

However, many surveys have established that both men and women are equally capable of handling a technical job. In fact, the person who wrote a code to reach the moon was a woman. It is about time that this deeply engrained stereotype is challenged and brokenCoding-624x415. It can only be possible when both men and women open themselves to look beyond the existing notions.

Parents should encourage their girl child to pursue engineering. Even in universities, women should not be discouraged from pursuing technology as a field of study by their professors. Even employers should judge the prospective employee on the basis of their excellence rather than discriminating them on the basis of their gender. Each day, stories of women being discriminated in the tech industry and other jobs in general shows up on the internet. A company undergoes a major loss by not exercising frameworks of diversity and inclusion. It lacks perspective, and misses out on a collaborative human ideas and opinion. When people from different facets of life sit together as human beings, as opposed to a representation of a certain category, great ideas come forward.

Lastly, in technology, a product is largely created for humans. Today, most of the successful tech startups have a product that caters to all the human beings in general. Therefore, in order to create something that is meant for humans, it is only fair to propose that it should be made by humans. In workplaces, diversity is a misunderstood concept. Think about it.