Technology and Cyber Security

Internet is the brainchild of technology, but ensuring security and safety of data is one of the biggest problem of internet. In the last couple of decades itself, many times security and data breach has taken place in the cyber world. Such security related accidents put a lot of information on stake.

A cyber security related attack stakes a lot of public data of personal nature in the webspace. It heightens the probability of individuals losing money and peace of mind. Moreover, sometimes such unprecedented security attacks are sponsored by states who want to keep an eye on public data. Therefore, in approaching times it is a quite a challenge to come up with a technology that secures the process andownload (72)d outcomes of using technology. In order to secure the future of technology usage, people need to have a complete faith in the system of technology.

However, sometimes data security breaches also work in the favour of public. For example, recently the leak of Panama Papers revealed the countries and companies intensively dealing in black money and illegal businesses. Therefore, there needs to be a clear demarcation between the categories and levels of transparency available through technology. People have a right to information and they are liable to know what exactly happens with the taxes they pay. Public service announcement should be made available to the people on timely basis through technology.

Lastly, private companies need to have a well-integrated plan to protect their customers privacy. Usually, a company dealing with big data jots down all the possibilities of cyber threats and security breaches early enough. Companies need to understand that in order to have sustainability, it is essential that they spend money and time on preventing data leakage. History proves that any sort of lack in providing safety leads to direct downfall of the company.